PMKVY: The Noble Initiative and How It Impacts Growth

The skill development training programs have been taken to the next level with Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. The long term vision is to find solutions to increasing employment opportunities in rural areas by providing training on areas like apprenticeship, entrepreneurship and skill development.


Since 2016, the government has imparted training to over 6.9 million people under the PMKVY scheme. This is being implemented with the objective of training 10 million people under short term learning and recognition of prior learning across the country within a span of four years. A total of 12 crores is dedicated to this. The aim of skill development is to standardize skill training in India and also to retain skills that already exist.


Often, there is a shortage of employment opportunities in rural areas, which is what these skill development initiatives aspire to solve. Under this initiative, rural youth are employed and earn more than the daily wage earner. This not only provides them with a stable and regular income but empowers them to continue working hard. 


A lot of times, the youth tends to drop out of school or college and starts taking up odd jobs to help their families. These jobs are not always stable. The PMKVY aspires to provide them with stable jobs instead. 


There are certain stages of getting trained and certified under the Pradhan Mantri skill development initiative. 


  1. Finding a training centre: One can give a call on the following numbers and find out the training centre near their location.


  1. AISECT’s NSDC-PMU department – 0755-2432832

  2. AISECT-NSDC PMKK department – 0755-2432837

  3. AISECT HO reception – 0755-2432950/930


Or, one can visit the website and do the following:

  1. Click on the ‘Find a training centre’ tab

  2. Fill the desired state and district information

  3. Type ‘AISECT SKILLS MISSION’ under ‘TP Name’ and click on search

  1. Enrollment: Once the training centre that has the skill an individual is looking for is found, they must visit the centre, with their documents like Aadhar card, passport size photos, and their qualification certificates. A counsellor is assigned to each individual in order to help them solve any queries they may have about the initiative. A course is suggested to the individual based on their qualifications. Details are also given about the career and placement opportunities after the course. Since this is an initiative by the government, no fee has to be paid. 

  2. Training: According to the guidelines laid down by NSDC, complete training will be provided to these individuals with the help of state of the art equipment and infrastructure. The duration of the training varies depending on the job role. Soft skills and linguistic training is a part of the course curriculum regardless of which skill is chosen.

  3. Assessment and certification: Upon completion of the training, assessment is done by an external third party or assessment agency. During the assessment, applicants have to carry their Aadhar cards. The assessment can be either online or offline. On clearing the assessment, the individual gets certified by NSDC.

  4. Placements: As the main aim of the initiative is to provide employment, a good number of placement opportunities will be provided to the successful candidates. AISECT provides candidates with a large number of job opportunities.


These are the steps required for skill development in India. 

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